TeJas Chocolate Craftory in Houston – Serving Chocolate, BBQ, and Craft Beer!

It’s HOT in Houston and we aren’t just talking about the weather!    

Shaking up the reputation of some of Houston’s finest Pit-masters- founders Scott & Greg Moore and Michelle Holland started Tejas Chocolate Craftory. This quaint little establishment perfects the craft of both chocolate made fresh from coco beans and some of the finest BBQ in Houston. Opened in 2015, they have caught the attention of publications such as Texas Monthly and the New York Times. Their infamous BBQ pit is known as The Black October and puts out some of the finest brisket, sausage, turkey and mini-beef ribs. While Scott and Greg are busy in the pit, Michelle is busy making chocolate and yummy treats like carrot souffle’ and chocolate pana cotta.

Located in the up and coming Tomball area, Tejas Chocolate Craftory is located in the oldest (recently renovated) building in northwest Houston. Don’t let me forget to mention their fantastic craft beer selection and a perfectly decorated backyard that illuminates what Texas BBQ should make you feel- at home!

This little spot is a must try for all you Texas BBQ fans! Be sure to tell them you rode over in your sweet ride from Davis Chevrolet!

Photo Credit: Chuck Cook

Tejas Chocolate Craftory Houston