Here is what’s great about the Houston Space Center!

Houston Space Center

Sometimes when you live near a really great attraction, you forget how great it is and don’t take the time to visit it as often as area tourists might. The Houston Space center is an amazing place to visit, even if you have gone before! There is always something new for you and your family to explore!

Traveling Exhibits at the Space Center

Traveling Exhibits change throughout the year at the space center allowing you to get something new each time you visit. Often the exhibits are seasonal, so there will be a new one every few months.

Meet an Astronaut

The Space center gives you so much hands on fun and learning, but that is not the only thing that makes it great. The Houston Space center hosts “Meet an Astronaut Friday’s” and even gives you the option to have lunch with an Astronaut.

Houston Space Center

Current Exhibits


The latest fall exhibit, Astronaut makes its debut October 1st! Explore all the physical and psychological strength it takes to become an ASTRONAUT! Can you land your capsule on the moon while accessing damage caused by an asteroid? Let’s see!

Independence Plaza

Presented by Boeing, the Independence Plaza allows you to explore the Independence Plaza and the original NASA 905 shuttle carrier! This is quite a rare experience allowing you to board a real shuttle, explore problem solving concepts, technology, engineering, science. So come and hop on board!

Orion Artifacts

The Orion Artifacts  allows guests to travel through time exploring years of research and development that will ensure space travel for years to come! Not only is the Orion Capsule on display in this exhibit, you will also find Orion parachutes used in the drop test with Orion!


Did you know that you can get an annual membership for the whole family that pays for itself after less than 2 visits? This allows you to visit the space center as often as you want and see everything new there is to see and explore each time you are there.

It is easy to get busy with life and forget that you live so close to one of America’s best attractions, but make the most of your day and visit the Space Center with all of your friends or family! There are over 400 things to do and see at the space center, you are sure to find something new every time you go!