Choosing the Right Model Year for a Used Chevrolet

Used Chevy Texas

Decide to buy a used Chevrolet, and you will still have to make several important decisions before buying it. You need to figure out the type of Chevy you want, whether it is a Silverado, a Malibu, or something in between. You also need to choose your trim level and the model year. To help choose the ideal model year, consider the following points.

Advantages of Older Chevy Models

There are generally two main options when it comes to choosing a model year for your used Chevrolet. You can drive an older model or a newer but still used one. Going with an older model will be the best way to save money since the car will have kept depreciating over the years. In fact, a difference of one model year may save you over $1,000. Keep in mind that the price differences between model years decrease as you look at older models, with the exception of larger jumps between generations.

Buying an older used Chevrolet will also give you access to more reviews and information. Older model years will have been tested by thousands of drivers throughout the years, giving you the chance to find numerous long-term reviews and test drives. You will find some long-term reviews for newer used models, but not as many.

Advantages of Newer Chevy Models

Although going with a newer model year for your used Chevy will cost a bit more, it will still save you a great deal of money over a new model. Picking a more recent model year can even give you the option of a certified used vehicle that gives you an extended warranty and has been tested rigorously. Even if you don’t go with a certified model, newer used cars will probably have fewer miles on them, meaning you will be able to keep using the vehicle for longer in the future.

Additionally, newer models will have more of the latest features, including both safety and technology. If, for example, you want a Chevy with 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot abilities, you will need to get a fairly recent model year, even if it is used. You are also more likely to get advanced safety and driver-assistive technologies in more recent models. Finally, most dealerships have more options of recent used Chevy models than older ones. This is simply because these models are in better shape and, therefore, more attractive to buyers. The variety is great for those who want a specific configuration since your chances of finding it are greater.

No matter the model year you want for your used Chevy, you should have no problem finding a great vehicle to meet your needs and budget at Davis Chevrolet in Houston, Texas.