Check Out These Local Juice Bars in Houston!

Houston’s recent Health Kick has brought about several juice bars popping up around the city. Each one has a unique twist to freshly squeezing juices. See below for the list of local juice bars we’ve found that offer more than just a squeeze!


agha juice & cafe houston

Agha Juice & Cafe is the sweet spot for Indian inspired fresh juices and dessert. Agha juice is made from sugar cane juice and seemingly every where you go in India. Not to mention this it is said to have the same amount of calories as skim milk! Be sure to stop in and check it out. Agha Juice & Cafe also has a menu with an array of snack foods and specialty cocktails.



beet box houston


Beet Box Blend Bar is known for serving up the freshest organic fruits and veggies around. They like to make blends with super foods like kale, avocados, and spinach. Located in River-Oaks you are sure to enjoy quite the tasty little healthy snack or meal replacement post work out!



juice girl houston

Located in the Heights, Juice Girl  is happy to serve up 100% organic freshly squeezed juices and smoothies. Originally a food truck, this healthy little squeeze has nestled right in on  the popular 19th St. to offer juice cleanses, catering, bottled juices and now juice cream. Juice Cream is their take on ice cream without the dairy and comes in an array of flavors to include but not limited to Strawberry, Vanilla Chai, Rocky Road, Green Apple’ade, Flaming Lips Zinger and Fun Fruity Punch.

After work-out or in need of a quick fix between meals, these local Juice Bars are sure to do the trick. Each are known for a little something extra, so be sure to go check them out in your Davis Chevrolet!